February 15, 2022

World Child Cancer and City Cancer Challenge Foundation join forces to support children with cancer in Myanmar

World Child Cancer have partnered with City Cancer Challenge Foundation to improve access to cancer care for children in Yangon, Myanmar
November 4, 2021
World Child Cancer Young male patient in wheelchair and facemask from Myanmar

Nyan’s Story

Nyan, age 10 is able to receive treatment with transportation and nutritional support in Myanmar thanks World Child Cancer/ City Cancer Challenge/ Sanofi Espoir Foundation partnership
February 12, 2021

An update from Myanmar

A doctor working for World Child Cancer in Myanmar gives us an update on how the situation has impacted our work
June 1, 2018
World Child Cancer Volunteer Shanice Brown Myanmar

Medical Volunteer with World Child Cancer

Read about Paediatric Histopathology Biomedical Scientist, Shanice Brown's first time volunteering abroad where she chose to lend her skills to support children in Myanmar with us