Stephen Benson after Running for World Child Cancer at the TCS London Marathon 2024

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“The work they do in countries where children have a lack of access to great healthcare is amazing. Being a dad of two boys myself, I can’t imagine the stress, worry, and pain it would cause…if I was not able to access adequate care for my children if the unthinkable happened.”

Stephen Benson

Runner for World Child Cancer at the TCS London Marathon 2024 

Face the Challenge, Change Lives

In 2024, our runners in the TCS London Marathon successfully raise £18,600.

We want you to beat that.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, join team World Child Cancer for the 2025 TCS London marathon 

Why run for World Child Cancer?

In countries like the UK and the USA, around 80% of childhood cancer patients are cured, but in low and middle income countries, it is as low as 20%. World Child Cancer is a leading charity, providing children with cancer  access to the treatment, support and wellbeing they need, no matter where they are from.

The money you raise at the London Marathon will make a huge difference in the quality and consistency of care that these children receive, with 88p in every £1 donated going straight to our charitable activities.

You will get:

  • A World Child Cancer Running Vest 
  • Access to our fundraising, training and nutrition guides
  • Personal support from our fundraising team

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