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The programme in Sierra Leone is carried out in partnership with Welbodi Partnership. This partnership between World Child Cancer and Welbodi Partnership was initiated in July 2020.

The partnership's objective is to support the Ministry of Health in building a network of healthcare systems in Sierra Leone to improve early diagnosis, treatment and psychosocial support for families. This work is made possible through the support of the UBS Optimus Foundation, and Beatrice Laing Trust.

Only 1

fully trained paediatric oncologist in the country 

Only 1

hospital able to provide childhood cancer treatment and care

Programme Information


Ola During Children’s Hospital, Freetown


University Hospital of Wales


Dr Nellie Bell, Dr Kamara Lannes

Partner Organisation


Ayire Emmanuel Adongo, World Child Cancer Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Coordinator.


Start Date



Old During Children’s Hospital is the only facility in the whole country that offers care and treatment for childhood cancer.

Ola During Children’s Hospital Freetown is the only facility in the whole country that offers care and treatment for childhood cancer.

In the whole country, only one Paediatrician is due to specialize as a Paediatric Oncologist, soon to graduate from the Paediatric Oncology Fellowship at the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Key Activities

  • Strengthen the Paediatric Oncology at Ola During Children’s Hospital
  • Capacity building for health professionals at Ola During Children’s Hospital
  • Increase psychosocial support for children with cancer and their families, including help with the cost of essential medicines and diagnostics
  • Strengthen data collection


  • There is only 1 fully trained Paediatric Oncologist to serve the entire population of over 8 million people
  • Childhood cancer treatment is not covered by the country’s health insurance scheme and costs are prohibitive for families
  • Knowledge of early warning signs and symptoms amongst frontline health workers is low and little training available for healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating childhood cancer
  • Communities are largely unaware of childhood cancer and seek traditional healing options or bring children with a late stage of disease when a cure is less likely
  • Children from the most vulnerable populations are underserved and less likely to reach the appropriate care
  • Poor nutrition of children undergoing cancer treatment
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