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In Kosovo, we are working in partnership with the Dutch foundation ‘Care for Kosovo Kids’ to support the training and education of healthcare professionals.


Children are expected to develop cancer each year around the world.

250 New

childhood cancer patients are treated each year in Yogyakarta

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University Clinical Center of Kosovo, Prishtina


Princess Máxima Center


Kosovo remains one of the poorest countries in Europe, where many families are living below the poverty line and are unable to afford cancer treatment. This is made more difficult by the lack of paediatric oncologists and sufficient medical equipment across the country, meaning many families are forced to travel long distances to receive effective cancer treatment.

Our project in Kosovo focuses on improving the quality of life for the 60 – 80 new children with cancer we see each year. The project’s key activities include training healthcare professionals working in paediatric oncology and palliative care; providing patients with psycho-social support and the opportunity to continue their education whilst in hospital; providing nutritional support for children in treatment and improving data collection systems.

Key Activities

Oncology staff are being trained through ongoing twinning partnerships and opportunities to attend regional and international meetings

Doctors in Kosovo receive advice and counselling guidance on how to communicate with families

A child-friendly textbook has been published and translated to help to explain to children what chemotherapy is and how it works.



A lack of formal training for paediatric oncologists

A lack of public awareness of childhood cancer

Limited emotional support for patients, families and staff

Families being forced to travel huge distances to access treatment

A lack of essential items such as alcohol, gloves, soap, detergent, test tubes etc.

A lack of reliable data on childhood cancer in Kosovo.

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