RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024

We are extremely excited to be taking part in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024 through the support of Project Giving Back.

Our garden ‘World Child Cancer’s Nurturing Garden‘ will be one of the show’s Sanctuary Gardens.

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World Child Cancer's Nurturing Garden

The Garden Design

World Child Cancer’s Nurturing Garden experience is designed as a sensory haven to bring joy, hope and escapism for children undergoing cancer treatment through experiences with nature.

Giulio Giorgi personally designed the innovative raised brick structure for the raised beds. His vision was to develop a modular block system that, when assembled, creates a complete brick structure without the need for mortar joints. This structure can be easily assembled and disassembled without the risk of breakage. To achieve this, he created prototypes of perforated blocks using specialized 3D-printed soft terracotta clay, which, when dried, allows them to interlock and form a stable ‘raised bed’ brick structure in various sizes. For added stability, these blocks can be anchored together using wooden stakes through the perforated holes in the bricks. An accessible guiding path will lead children through the captivating maze of brick structures that seamlessly blend with the garden’s rustic charm.

The Garden Designer

Giulio Giorgi is an Italian landscape designer, horticulturalist, writer and gardener.  His work looks at the future in terms of ecology and planting strategies and is characterised by the choice of materials and personalised craftsmanship. Giulio’s signature encompasses subtle visual patterns, handcrafted hard materials (ceramics, terracotta, stone) and non-visual features such as olfactive compositions (scented planting schemes). 

The Inspiration

A distinct feature of the design, inspired by sustainable Keyhole gardens seen in Sub-Saharan Africa, are several gracefully designed raised beds arranged in circular nests, which emulate the nurturing relationships and child-centric approach that World Child Cancer UK provides to diverse global communities. World Child Cancer UK’s mission is to improve cancer survival rates worldwide by ensuring that every child with cancer receives equal access to the best treatment and care.

Varying in height to allow children of all ages to access the gardens, these raised beds offer accessible planting surfaces that serve as sensory experiences where a ‘child can be a child’. Soft touch plants, fragrant herbs, edibles, moss and miniature rock plants will encourage children to take an active role in the garden, seeing plants, along with their hopes for the future, grow and flourish.

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Image by Engin Akyurt


Sustainability is a key aspect of the garden within the structure itself and its ongoing management.

The entire garden’s construction will be made with low-carbon materials with no concrete or metal materials used. An innovative watering system will be installed in the garden through a traditional clay device called an ‘Olla’, which is a low-tech system with no need for water pressure or electricity to ensure water wastage is minimal and at its most effective. There will also be a water feature within the garden for added biodiversity.

Responsible sourcing and recycling is highlighted through the use of trees, shrubs and plants all being sourced from the UK to reduce their carbon footprint. These will be planted in locally sourced, peatless soil. Reclaimed bricks will find a second life as part of the accessible garden path along with any leftover terracotta bricks from the raised beds.



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